Moving forward, I had the same view for the next five hours. It was like a highway of mirage, a never ending journey towards the next unknown.

I felt his warmth next to me; it was a nice security that I believed that I needed even if I was used to the life that I wandered alone. This time different, I fell asleep and dreamt dreams that made me think and cry, even in my sleep.

I could have sworn that I woke up more than once, still moving forward the same view - that same highway of mirage, until I were to reach my destination.

In my moments of silence, I am often afraid to say something wrong. But I want to listen, laugh, make myself clear, or even smile.

Sometimes it is hard for me to do something that simple. I look back on my life and saw myself become fearful like I am today.

Written in my own manuscript are words that sometimes I cannot seem to explain. But when I let out a random chuckle to myself, I know that that warms me up in time.

When I say that I do not care anymore, I genuinely do not care anymore. You best believe that you are dead to me.

I just found her annoying. If my life would have crumbled like a five-year expired cookie left at the back of the cupboard with forgotten existence, it would have crumbled the very second I even saw her.

I tried to understand her but sometimes, the annoyance was just too great that patience has lost its meaning. Still, I forced myself to wear a smile to make the adults smile too and I rose above every negativity. After all, she was really excited to see me. She hugged me the tightest and literally would not let go. Her firm grip was honestly too great. Shit, she was so annoying.

Three years later, I realized and started to ask myself this… How often was anyone really that excited to see me? When ever had anyone literally showed genuine excitement, with occasional squeals the moment I appeared? If I had asked myself these questions three years ago, I would have felt a bit like a celebrity. But I was just annoyed back then.

I guess she might have still been annoying. But at least her actions were genuine.

It doesn’t matter where I go. I always find my way back home.

There are people who document everything that goes on in their lives and feel the need to publish them all over Facebook. And then there are people like me who do not give a shit about what goes on in their lives but unfortunately have that unnecessary information shoved to my face even after unsubscribing. How about shoving them up your asses instead?