Not long until everyone is awake.
Already, children are on their way to school.
People with jobs have already driven to work.
The monks have awoken more than two hours ago; I heard the gong at 5:30am.
Still in bed, I am awake.
Maybe I cannot sleep. Maybe I refuse to sleep. Though, I wonder when I will finally meet my dreams when my eyes shut.
I heard the birds chirping excitedly just over an hour ago; the sun was rising.
Dawn has cracked and the lighting has already filled my room; it has finally dawned upon.
Maybe I will try to meet my dreams soon. Maybe I will still lay awake.
Shit, it is already 8am.
I am saying this at 8am as if I am surprised.

One day

I will find you.
I will find you, and you will come out.
My presence will send shivers down your wimpy spine.
You will break out in cold sweat because you should.
You should because I will destroy you.
I will find you and I will destroy you.
You will wish that you never messed with someone like me.
And when I say that I will destroy you, I mean every word I say.
I will find you and I will destroy you.

1. Appreciating ‘The Monarch’ (君主!) even if 君主 is always yelling and seldom gives me the green light in my idea of pursuing “happiness”. (什么来的?明白吗?)

2. Still wondering how do some girls succumb to “online dating”, and giving out their numbers freely just because a guy they see looks ‘cute’, therefore worthy to give their phone number to. Cough desperate cheapskate cough. Oh, but just saying… Your pussy, your rules after all.

3. People who overuse emojis that they seem to bear no meaning anymore. For example: 😘

4. 氣。(Does my “poker face” work? Who am I kidding, right?)

Oh… Does this look like the end of this “list”?! Well, this is quite a handful, isn’t it?

  • D: I've always wanted a relationship where we get to play with each other's belly buttons.
  • T: It's Madden season!!! Don't ask why!!!

You know child… Your life will be a lot better if you just stop lingering in the past. Just stop searching for what will break your heart out of curiosity. That search brings unhappiness; stirs up unnecessary arguments. The past that you cannot forget are lessons you will remember. If needed to be spoken, all it takes are just the words of advise that you so boldly gave to your friends, this time to yourself. Can you do that? I bet so, only if you just stop lingering in the past.

Great lesson of a dream. Now I can’t go back to sleep. Fook.

I want to have the courage not to fight and doubt everything. Just once, I want to say: ‘This. This is good enough.’